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CURE America with Star Parker

Dec 10, 2021

Ironically, the Biden Administration is hosting a global “Summit for Democracy,” even while the administration continues to threaten liberty here at home. Liberals are continuing to push, more and more, for governmental control and intrusion into our everyday lives. It is authoritarianism when government takes over a large percentage of our economic activity, mandates the actions of the people, and dictates the values of individuals. However, our inalienable rights are bestowed by our Creator, not by government. Government is formed to protect, not grant or deny, these rights. As the State Department quotes the preamble of the Constitution, “to form a more perfect Union,” in noting the aims of this summit, it calls to reflection on the ideals enshrined in the founding of our nation. Through this summit, its purported meaning, and the continued actions by those on the Left, it’s clear that this reflection is lost on the Biden administration.